Grooming Talk At Toyota Motor Asia Pacific

Grooming Talk At Toyota Motor Asia Pacific
I’ve learnt about the market innovativeness of this Japanese model back in my school days. I’ve also driven one of them before. And in case you are still wondering, I’m talking about Toyota.
And here I am tonight at Toyota Motor Asia Pacific for their very first grooming talk. Held in conjunction as part of the staff welfare programme, the talk kicked off with a Japanese bento dinner. 

I loved the arrangement of the tables in the room in island styles as it meant plenty of interaction space between the participants and myself. Many a times, I don’t see myself as a trainer. Instead, I see my role more as a friend who helps others become more confident of themselves in my own little, non-threatening ways. And tonight was no different.

Setting the pace of the night with an ice-breaker activity, followed by the heavier materials packed behind, the crowd responded with their enthusiasm, laughter and smiles galore. The discussions and activities were attended to with precision and seriousness, just like the hallmarks of the car. In short, there was something for everyone. And their faith in me was rewarded as the hour spent was definitely worth their time.   

Weaving between the male and female aspects for grooming, there was little cause for worry as the males could learn more about female stuff and vice versa. I also spotted one couple who attended together in the audience. Learning should never be rote learning. It’s about taking useful, practical grooming tips and getting the participants to put them into practice into their everyday lives.


If not for my flight to catch later tonight, I would have loved to share more with this lovely crowd who despite their long day at work, bubbled with energy and enthusiasm.

Thank you Toyota Motor! And till we meet again, for our next grooming session 🙂