Grooming Talk At Showa Denko HD

Grooming Talk At Showa Denko HD
Even if we had to take off our shoes and change into the nondescript black ones, it wasn’t going to dampen our spirits.
Expected as part of high Japanese hygiene standards, all visitors to Showa Denko HD were reminded to exchange their footwear for a pair of slippers at the security desk.

Here for a grooming talk for the staff during lunchtime, this marked the second time I removed my shoes before stepping into class. The last time at CPF Board, we all had to go barefoot. So this time, there’s still some comfort in seeing so many ‘friends’ moving around with me in slippers 🙂



And maybe it was good foresight on my mind that my pants were the same colour as their uniform! It was totally unplanned but the Universe does work in mysterious ways. No wonder rapport was exceptionally good from the start. I suspect the group must have felt I was like one of them.

Totally eager to learn as much as they could and from the deep conversations all were engaged in, the group comprising both genders from both Singapore and Malaysia were in for a fun time. From the happy faces, laughter and good camaraderie each shared with their colleagues, it was evident that the grooming talk at lunchtime was a bonus learning which they could not have gotten anywhere else.

Thanks for the beautiful memories.