Grooming Course For Urban Motors Singapore

Grooming Course For Urban Motors Singapore
Singapore is one of world’s most densely populated cities where many of us own cars. Next to pet grooming, car grooming is one of the fastest growing sectors. If you own a car, you definitely want your car to be at its gleaming shiny best. That’s because when you are driving it, you feel immense pride.
If you can accord your car with the highest respect, then I’m sure you will also do the same, if not more for your own personal grooming. Thus said, there is an interesting relationship between car grooming and personal grooming. And I believe that’s the reason why the management of Urban Motors Pte Ltd took pains to organize a personal grooming course for its sales staff.


As a sales staff, the first impression cannot be overemphasized. When you walk into a car showroom, the sales staff is the first person you will encounter. Regardless of the price tag of the car, your tendency to buy will be upped if you are greeted with civility, and leave with a positive image of the sales staff.
We human beings are strange creatures. We like to see beautiful things, hear beautiful words and imagine beautiful thoughts. So what’s stopping us from being that beautiful image, sound and emotion in the hearts and minds of others?
The only thing stopping us is me, myself and I. Just like how no one owes us a living, so too does no one owe us a lasting first impression. We create it by channeling it from within – from the way we dress, the way we speak and the way we leave the indelible impression on others who are our customers.
If car sales boost after today’s grooming course, you can be sure it’s because the sales staff have put what they learnt into practice and branded themselves well…thus helping to promote the business and attract more customers. Remember, borrowing Urban Motor’s tagline – just like the car you drive, your image is what defines you!