Grooming And NLP Workshop At MKPL Architects

Grooming And NLP Workshop At MKPL Architects
What does MKPL Architect and Lionel Lim have in common? On hindsight, there seems to be no similarity. After all, MKPL is an architectural firm while Lionel Lim is a style coach. But if you look deeper, both are intricately related as our professions revolve around looking at things with a detailed eye.
And so here I am today at the firm conducting a half day grooming workshop for the staff. 

5 minutes prior to the start of the workshop, an intercom sounded. It was a reminder for the participants to gather at the training room. It’s a brilliant idea so that we can start on time!



At MKPL, the males outnumber the females. So today we had three tables of males versus one table of females. Males or females, the camaraderie among the colleagues was excellent as everyone was in a joyous mood to explore, learn and grow. More importantly, it was a pleasure to watch the participants hailing from different countries treat every aspect of the grooming workshop as seriously as their drawings. In between laughter, some even took their body measurements twice in good faith. The first time was to complete the homework, the second time was to reinforce the learning. I smiled and commented that all of them would qualify as experts in cloth measurements after today.

Recently, I have started to blend NLP techniques into my grooming workshop as it opens up a whole new world and helps additional value to the participants. And today was no different at MKPL. Expecting most of them to be visual, my hunch was proven right.


Many a times, when the learning gets fun, time passes all too quickly…Thanks for having me here today and thanks for the great, great moments we spent 🙂

Till the next grooming workshop, everyone!