Grooming And Dining Etiquette Workshop For Nan Hua High School

Grooming And Dining Etiquette Workshop For Nan Hua High School

It feels good to be back at Nan Hua High School! Yes, I’m back, together with my team of trainers, at Camp Horizon 2014 for another instalment of the grooming and dining etiquette workshop for this year’s graduating batch of Secondary 4 students.

I’m starting everything new this year – with a fresh group of student faces, a new dining venue and updated syllabus…

Grateful to be given yet another opportunity to touch the lives of 418 students, this continued partnership with Nan Hua High School is the platform for students to come dressed in their best outfits. And some really gave it their all – guys were decked out in nicely cut suits while the ladies looked like they were attending prom night with their dresses and frocks. It definitely felt more like a social gathering of sorts instead of a proper lesson. Trust me – when one is dressed well, it helps to elevate the mood for learning. It makes it more fun and the division between trainer and students seemingly disappear.


I’m always of the view that dressing is an art and not a science. There are no hard and fast rules to the art of looking good. I share in my grooming workshop tips on how to camouflage one’s flaws and accentuate one’s strengths through the right combination of the right colours and styles. Yes, it always boils down to colours and styles – the twin pillars in the universe of grooming.

Moving forward, the next step in impressing at first sight is the ability to start a decent conversation during a meal while mastering the rules of dining etiquette. Three simple tips I can offer are: always work with the silverware placed furthest away from the dinner plate inwards; always wait for everyone’s dish to arrive before you start eating; and spoon away from you while drinking the soup appetizer.

It does take some practice to get everything right especially if this is your first time having a dining etiquette class. But remember, practice makes perfect! The most important thing is to relish the moment and enjoy the food!