Good Posture Talk For Republic of Singapore Air Force RSAF 5AELG

Good Posture Talk For Republic of Singapore Air Force RSAF 5AELG
It comes as a big surprise to many that the human spine wasn’t designed for sitting. When we sit, we are in fact placing huge stresses on the body, in particular the back muscles as compressive forces are exerted onto the discs on our back bones. That’s why when people sit all day long at their work cubicles, they tend to experience lower back pain! Yet ironically, most of us spend 70% of our time sitting…
Welcome to the modern world where the majority of us suffer from some form of aches and pains of some sorts. I’m sure you can easily rattle off some of them – for example back pain, frozen shoulders, neck pain, wrist pain etc.
This forms the basis of today’s The Right Posture Talk at the Republic of Singapore Air Force, 5 AELG, Changi Air Base for the officers and men of the three squadrons, namely 805 SQN, 808 SQN and 815 SQN.
Held in conjunction with the pre-Lunar New Year celebrations, the theme for today’s Safety Day was of course safety.
Many a times, we neglect our own safety. This can happen in any action which we do – standing, sitting, squatting or lifting. 
I’m sure you have seen some people stand on one feet, putting the entire body’s weight on their poor foot. Well, that’s bad. How about lifting? Bad lifting posture is aplenty to the extent that it has become almost second nature. People lift without paying any heed to their backs – whether they are at the gym lifting weights or simply carrying heavy objects off the ground.
If our body is to last a lifetime, then it is now or never to practise good posture habits. If you have been sitting for too long, stand up for a quick stretch or take a break. Your body will thank you for this simple gesture. Aches and pains are not something we welcome. Many associate this with old age. I associate this with the neglect of our bodies. If only we learn to take care of our bodies and learn to listen to the signals our body sends to us, we will all be in a much better position to live gracefully and bid adieu to those plaguing posture issues. Credit must be given to the officers and men who took my advice, stood up and stretched. In fact, they not only stretched but also gave their colleagues a good shoulder massage!

PS: Sorry to disappoint you readers, but as security was super tight at all camps, no cameras nor camera phones were allowed. That explains the sole picture of the façade of Changi Air Base.