Food Awareness Training

Do you sometimes feel why nothing seems to change even after you have had the best workout or expended the most calories after that run? Many a times, if not always, it boils down to what you eat. Yes, that’s the truth.

And for this reason itself, I always teach my clients to create healthy associations with our food. Thus is both my very own Food Awareness Training. It’s ironic how I’ve come up with an acronym like that as if you shorten it to just the alphabets, it spells FAT! Haha…

Many of us eat not because we have to, but because we choose to. It is surprising that we all yield so much power in our hands (or more in our minds I think) when it comes to food. A sensible eating plan needs to suit your taste and lifestyle. It’s not about going bland and tasteless all the time.

The tenets of my Food Awareness Training are simple. Firstly, it aims to teach you to be mindful of what you put into your mouth. Before you embark on a feast or eat like a mouse, ask yourself if that heavenly delicacy or morsel of food is friend or foe. There are many body enemies out there (think preserved food, sugary drinks etc).

Secondly, Food Awareness Training allows you to choose, not cheat. It’s not about food deprivation. Rather, it’s more about food substitution. What can I eat that will give me the equal amount of calories? Should I eat that cupcake or something else? One tip I can offer readers is to go for foods that can be used to substitute high-calorie foods while getting the same satisfying taste.

In a nutshell, Food Awareness Training is flexible, not boring. You do not have to give up the food you love or change your lifestyle. You will never feel hungry. You will never change your entire relationship with food so you need never be on the same up and down weight cycle again. Best of all, you will be in control…cruise control 🙂