Eat More Eat Less

Yes, I know the title of today’s post is ironic. On one hand, I’m asking you to eat more…on the other hand, I’m asking you to eat less.
Don’t get me wrong…Haha…
Eating a small meal every three hours and not missing your breakfast is the key to fat loss. Doing so keeps your metabolism humming along as your body performs the calorie-burning functions of digestion after each meal. Research shows that regular breakfast-eaters do a better job of maintaining a healthy weight than breakfast skippers.

If you wait too long between meals, you cause your metabolism to slow down in order to compensate for the perceived state of starvation. Bingeing with a large meal thereafter to make up for the lack of breakfast tells your body to hold on to every calorie – making it hard for you to lose weight.

By feeding your body with smaller meals throughout the day, you deliver sustained energy so you don’t overeat, which is also important for fueling your workouts so you can work harder and possibly longer to burn more calories.

Snacking may sound counterintuitive when you want to lose weight, but it will stabilize blood sugar levels to help curb carvings, leaving you feeling full, never deprived. A good snack is one that provides vitamins, minerals and enough calories to fuel up and curb hunger so that you don’t binge later. But of course, it again boils down to what types of snacks you choose. I’m not advocating potato chips or muffins or doughnuts. I’m suggesting snacks in the form of fruits or unsalted nuts.

Remember this principle: eat more (meals) but eat less (portions) and you’ll be on your way to your best body ever!