DISC Profiling Training for Admiralty Secondary School

DISC Profiling Training for Admiralty Secondary School
As wise men always say, knowledge is power. Indeed this is true. Full mastery of oneself can only come about when you know your personality, strengths and weaknesses. Armed with this critical pieces of information, one can then plan the best route and actions to take in life.
Kicking off the new year is a special edition of DISC profiling training for the Secondary 1 students of Admiralty Secondary School.
The DISC profiling tool is not new. In fact, it has been in the market for decades. I particularly love the DISC profiling because it is non-judgmental and most importantly, easy to apply in everyday lives. I have no patience for other more complicated profiling quizzes and tests. Remember this – life is already complicated. So why add additional stress to ourselves?
When I was approached to do the series of DISC profiling training, I truly applaud the school management as it’s always great to get the students off on an early start.
Because of the way we are brought up, the people we mix with and the environment we are subjected to, we all behave differently – both in front of others and when we are alone. That explains why we have an authentic self and an adaptive self. 


Trust me. Some of us do behave differently in front of our parents, teachers, friends and strangers. We revert to our natural self when we leave their company. Now we know how to react to people who are deemed different from us as there is always a common language we can use to better understand what makes people tick and how to adapt our behaviours when ‘dealing’ with them. It’s all about communication, bonding, personal development and improvement.
Said to have an accuracy level of as high as 85% if done accurately, I administered the DISC profiling quiz for the seven classes of students over the last two days. Naturally excited when I told them it was a quiz and not a test (thus there was no right or wrong answer), I followed up with an individual DISC report for every student. The report would subsequently be extended to the teachers and parents to better understand the child.
In the new school term, everyone comes in fresh faced to a new environment. Some choices, when made abruptly, may result in unhappiness and inconvenience. So it was a brilliant idea to use the DISC to allocate CCAs (co-curricular activities) for the students based on their character and strengths. Quickly analyzing some of the sample reports churned out, it did not come as a complete surprise to me when I saw the results. In fact, there were many cases of perfect matches (juxtaposing of student’s choice and DISC results) as well! 
To many, it is difficult to go beyond the results. But for me, I find it useful to paint common everyday scenarios. Once you understand the workings and dynamics of DISC, you will know how to read people accurately according to their behaviours in everyday settings. I really cannot think of a more powerful profiling tool than DISC.
If knowledge is power, then clarity is enhanced power!