Create A First Impression That Lasts Grooming Talk for Nanyang Polytechnic

Create A First Impression That Lasts Grooming Talk for Nanyang Polytechnic

I love doing talks and workshops as they provide me with another platform (besides personal training) to share my experience with others. And I really feel blessed to be able to do so.

Prior to this, I heard from the organisers EMRS Team 4 that about 40 odd students had registered. Wow. I also learnt that there were going to be more ladies than guys. I think this can be expected because most men are just too occupied with other areas in their lives to pay greater attention to the importance of grooming. But for the handful of guys who did attend, I’m sure they did benefit immensely.

Learning how to create a positive first impression is no longer an important skill to master in today’s world. It is an essential skill to master. I can attest personally to this.

Nanyang Polytechnic. 1.30pm. I arrived.

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I was really impressed and appreciative of the efforts the 9 students from EMRS Team 4 put in to put this talk together. Besides selling tickets to interested NYP students, they also worked hard to create publicity for the talk, not forgetting decorated the reception area with a star-filled banner and the LT with colourful balloons. Thanks guys!

As in all talks, it takes a while for the participants to become familiar with my style of training. But once they were warmed up, it was all systems go.

I could tell that most were surprised when I shared and later showed old photos of myself. Yes, I have indeed transformed myself through the years. Gone are the days of my stick-thin stature and lack of confidence 🙂

As a trainer, it is my responsibility to engage everyone in the audience. This meant coming up with interesting quizzes and games to get everyone involved either on a personal, partner or group level.

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Participant sharing her Top 10 list of image destroyers for men

From image destroyers to body shapes to personality styles to face shapes, I covered them all. I was happy to see the students getting just as excited as I was. Of course they would as the better we know ourselves, the more proficient we will be leaving a lasting first impression. Half the battle is won when we create that good impression.

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Following the first segment on visual confidence, I also weaved into the talk useful elements on diet and exercise as these were also my areas of expertise.

Sharing simple yet effective ways of keeping their weight in check, I saw many faces light up instantly. The happy faces were coupled with megawatt smiles when I told them to stop counting their calories. Life is not about food deprivation. It is about food substitution.

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Less for the technical glitch which led to the rebooting of the PC, I felt the talk went well. The energy of the group was good and they did participate when asked to 🙂

This is the best evidence…haha…Yes everyone, it’s time to massage your friendly neighbour.

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In appreciation of my time & efforts, I was presented with an honorarium & token.

I’m looking forward to my next talk next month. Yay!