Corporate Lunchtime Grooming Talk: Wearnes Corporation Limited

Corporate Lunchtime Grooming Talk: Wearnes Corporation Limited

I’m feeling super good today. Perhaps it’s because I’m looking forward to my little getaway after the grooming talk’s over! But also perhaps it’s the friendly banter some of the staff who came in earlier and I had that led to the light-hearted atmosphere. Whatever the reason is, I’m just glad to be here at Wearnes Corporation Limited as part of the Corporate Lunchtime Talk Series. 

Today’s lunchtime talk is going to be another record of sorts as there are 24 ladies and 1 gentleman. If you thought the lonesome gentleman was going to be “bullied” by the ladies, think again. He was constantly vying for attention and contributed to much laughter in the class. From the start to the end, it was clear he was going to be the star and not supporting actor.

After lunch was served and I introduced my credentials, some of the ladies immediately poked fun at the nasi lemak lunch that they ate and jested that it was fattening. With quick thinking on my part, I told them to be rest assured as they can always come to me for personal training lessons thereafter. With that little good natured exchange, the session was destined to spell only one word – fun!



What is especially heartening for any trainer is that the participants actively participate in the discussions. This to me, is the biggest takeaway from any of my workshops or talks. After all, even though the syllabus may be the same, but each participant brings with her or him a different set of worldly experience and that’s what makes the crucial difference. Imagine if someone could value add to what I have to share, that would be super duper!


I loved it when the Wearnes staff participated far better than what I expected. Besides participating in the various discussions, they also gave comments or remarks or jokes that came from across the room at different times. Strangely, but truly, it does miracles and lifts the energy in the room too! This was evident when sharing on image destroyers, some of ladies chanted in unison “fashion fashion” in good faith. Obviously, an image destroyer such as a run in the stockings or lipstick marks on the teeth cannot be a fashion statement. But then again, what harm can it cause if it contributes to the learning environment of the entire class?


When sharing on facial shapes and getting the participants to pair up to help examine each other’s face shape, the lone gentleman was quick to make sure the spotlight was back on him again. All because I mentioned permission needed to be sought before touching the partner’s face. Without any doubt, after the lady pair came up, he immediately raised his hand to volunteer himself. That’s what I love about the energy of this room. People automatically volunteer themselves without me having to ask for volunteers.



Simply put, I just love what I’m doing, sharing my knowledge with others to improve the quality of their lives. Will you be next in line for me to touch your lives in my own little way? 🙂