Corporate Lunchtime Grooming Talk: Lenovo Singapore

Corporate Lunchtime Grooming Talk: Lenovo Singapore

As an ex-employee, I can fully understand the euphoria that Friday brings to everyone in the office. Just ask the people at Lenovo Singapore.

Dressed in perhaps their most comfortable as it’s dress-down casual Friday, the staff gathered here for the the corporate lunchtime grooming talk series were truly relaxed and smiling the very moment I started. Perhaps it had to do with the Friday heralding the weekend mood. Or perhaps the staff were just glad to be away from their cubicles and enjoying one another’s company in the bright, airy and cheery pantry! This for the record must rank among one of the largest pantries I’ve seen in all the companies thus far. Just check out the comfy sofas and pooltable!



As one of the pioneers of the dual-core notebook PCs, it is amazing how much the company has progressed over the years. Today’s grooming talk is (in my opinion) an extension of that progress as it is of paramount importance for everyone to improve and learn new things daily. As the saying goes, one either innovates or evaporates. Pearls of wisdom indeed 🙂

While sharing on image destroyers, some of the guys took it among themselves to inject additional humour by using themselves as an example. This was especially when I asked them to cross their legs to check the length of their socks. One guy promptly “pleaded guilty” that he wore no socks. LOL

And like eager big kids, some even asked me if they had to hand in their written ideas. They really are an overzealous batch and I love the energy especially when they go into discussion mode. Walking around the pantry, you can’t help but get positively infected by the sounds of laughter ringing out and the wide smiles on everyone’s faces.

Thank you for having me here with you today, Lenovo Singapore! You have made my day 🙂