Corporate Lunchtime Grooming Talk: Johnson Controls

Corporate Lunchtime Grooming Talk: Johnson Controls

In the business of building efficiency, automotive experience and power solutions, Johnson Controls has certainly come a long way since its inception 125 years ago when the founder, Warren Johnson invented the thermostat in 1885.

Back then, an industry focused on energy efficiency and other innovations was certainly unheard of. But in  modern times like now, these innovations have since become the essential building blocks to the modern world in which we live, work and travel.

And here I am today at Johnson Controls to share with the staff tips on how to look good. It’s always heartening to see employees sacrifice their precious lunchtime to attend personal development talks such as my grooming talk. I guess it’s a win-win situation for everyone. While they walk away with useful tips on how to up one’s image quotient, today’s lunch is also on the house.

In all my talks, I am always appreciative of the fact that there will be some who will extra enthusiastic, extra fun-loving and extra participative. This is great as it helps to bolster the energy of the others and makes learning more engaging 🙂

Nobody enjoys learning in a threatened environment. We all aspire to be able to learn in a fun, open environment where everyone’s comments are valued. Only when the barriers between us are eliminated, can we start to see ourselves with “fresh glasses” and obtain true self-understanding. Many a times, we hold too dear our own points of view that we become oblivious to certain blind spots in our lives. This could come in the form of the colours which we wear, the hairstyles that we keep and the fashion sense that we adopt. Throughout the years of conditioning by both our inner self and conforming to society’s norms, we tend to blend in with the rest.

If there’s any better time to awaken from the deep slumber and be more appreciative of our true self and our unique gifts, there is no better time than now.

Carp diem!