Corporate Lunchtime Grooming Talk: California Fitness

Corporate Lunchtime Grooming Talk: California Fitness

Arriving at the second stop of the Corporate Grooming Talk Series for today brings a familiar smile to my face as the name of the corporate client reads California Fitness. But don’t get me wrong as I’m not here for a workout. Rather it’s to give the staff a grooming talk.

As I stood in the front waiting to be introduced, I recognised a familiar face in the audience who also instinctively remembered my looks among the thousands of members. Hahaha…

Having had their lunch before I arrived, all were only too happy and eager to sit in the training room to learn more about how to create a first impression that lasts. Perhaps it’s too good an opportunity for  them as such talks do not get organised as often as one works out in the gym.



As I walked around sharing and interacting with the participants, it didn’t take me long to impress upon them that grooming is indeed part and parcel of everyone – especially for people working in the service industry.

Just as how the staff at California Fitness have to be equipped with both marketing skills and a pleasant disposition, learning how to carry oneself too is of utmost importance as they represent the club. And of course, when there’s more than one mega-gym in Singapore fighting for the same consumer dollar, sprucing up one’s image really is the winning ticket. After all, who would want to be a member of a gym whose members look tired, dishevelled and lacking in a corporate image? Certainly not the folks at this mega-gym!

Watch this space for the next installment of the Corporate Grooming Talk Series and find out which company I’ll come aknocking. And for me, immediately after the grooming talk was over, I changed into my gym gear and started pumping iron 🙂