Corporate Grooming Workshop For Civil Servants At Civil Service Club

Corporate Grooming Workshop For Civil Servants At Civil Service Club
Every workshop brings with it new perspectives as it means making a difference in the lives of others. Today is no different as I bring one of my signature grooming workshops “Create A First Impression That Lasts” to the Civil Service Club.

While the recently renovated Civil Service Club at Tessensohn Road beckons with its new glass wing, it also holds warm memories for all the participants in today’s workshop as I believe this is not the first time they are coming to this sanctuary tucked just a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city to rejuvenate, learn and grow as a person.


Allowing the civil servants who have come from the different ministries and statutory boards to mingle among themselves before starting class, it was interesting to note that there is an increasing and encouraging trend to see more male participants in grooming workshops. In this age and time, looking good is no longer only confined to the ladies. For some of the male participants I chatted with before class who were in the uniformed services, they too want to look presentable and appear confident after shedding their uniforms after office hours.
I love classes where participants are not afraid to make jokes about themselves or banter among colleagues as research often shows that the more one participants actively, the more one retains the knowledge. This is especially so as I have included several activities in the workshop. Passive learning is not my style as it does not help participants to retain the knowledge.

From the discussion of image destroyers which also served to work as an ice-breaker game, it’s heartening to see both genders enjoy themselves. In our everyday lives, we definitely know people who simple cannot be bothered about how they look. Even if their hair is unkempt or clothes mismatched, they will still feel it is alright. But in the eyes of others who are constantly accessing them, this too carefree attitude is not acceptable by most organizations. Imagine if there’s a promotion coming up, besides showing that you have the brains, you must also show that you have the capacity to command respect from the rest of the team by leading them. And leaders, in today’s context, never dress shabbily.





If learning was the primary aim of today’s grooming workshop, then having fun must be construed as the secondary aim. No one enjoys learning in a strict, no nonsense environment. Conversely, people enjoy learning new things when they are most relaxed, letting their hairs down and having fun. And you can count on the civil servants in today’s class to take the lead. While some signed up with their colleagues or friends, others came alone but walked away with new found comrades.
Sharing how to build a basic yet decent wardrobe for both genders, I also took extra effort to go into the details on what to look out for when buying shirts, pants and shoes for the men; skirts, blouses, dresses and heels for the ladies.
Wanting to create a lasting first impression is all about feeling confident about oneself. And it begins with knowing three key considerations. First, the occasion. Is it a meeting or that first date? Second, the people involved. Will your boss or big big boss be there? Will your colleagues from other departments be there? Will a big group of ladies from the increasingly popular gokon dating be there? Third, the image you want to project. Do you want to be seen as laid back, casual, professional or chic?

Think about these questions before you select your look and you are good to go, anytime, anywhere 🙂