Corporate Grooming Talk For United Engineers

Corporate Grooming Talk For United Engineers
In the vast and grand-looking auditorium which I was told could sit up to 2000, I welcomed 50+ participants from United Engineers Limited. Perhaps best known for its UE Square building along River Valley Road, United Engineers Limited is more than just involved in construction. It is also involved in property, retail management, facility management, hospitality and environmental engineering. 



It’s a good mixture of both genders as normally, men will steer clear of a grooming talk or workshop. But today, judging from the number of males in the room, it does make sense to say that more men have now come to realise the importance of grooming themselves. The trend is becoming increasingly clear but the message has yet to sink in with 100% of the male population.

Men too should look and feel good, both for themselves as well as for their special other half. Imagine if the lady counterpart is well groomed, but the male is not, it only brings down the image of the couple. In essence, grooming no longer is confined only to the reaches of the ladies. In a sea of audience where almost everyone is dressed in his or her finest (perhaps they knew I was coming?), it was refreshing to see different hues of colours. Yes, although black is still perceived by many to be the classic colour that never goes out of style, there are many more colours out there than just black.  I liked it best when there were many life examples for me to choose from the audience especially when it came to creating a wardrobe suitable for one’s body shape and the work environment. From tops that had frills, appliques to details, the audience were treated to an eye-opener as I helped to comment on what some of their colleagues wore and whether it flattered their body shape or otherwise.

Turning to wave to their colleagues like a political candidate does, I’m sure the “selected samples” from the audience basked in the moment of glory, albeit a very short one. In life, it’s always best we learn from examples and role models so we know what to emulate and what to avoid. Just look around us and let us learn from them 🙂