Corporate Grooming Talk For Getronics Singapore

Corporate Grooming Talk For Getronics Singapore
You know you have left an indelible impression in the minds of others when they come up to you to thank you, shake your hands and are genuinely interested in you as a person. This and much more I have achieved today at the grooming talk at Getronics Singapore.
Located at the same building as Toyota Motor Asia Pacific, I was told to prep myself by my minder beforehand that the staff had come especially for my talk. 

In a world where branding isn’t just for mega organizations like Nike or Coca Cola, the name Lionel Lim has now become synonymous and associated with the who’s who in the grooming industry. I am gratified that people think of me when they think of my field.


So live up to the expectations of my audience I must and of course, exceed them and deliver more. Just like in a customer transaction, I have learnt to delight my customers over time and pack more value in it than a McDonalds Happy Meal.

If you think the staff working in an IT firm are always serious and wear stern looks, you cannot be more wrong. At Getronics Singapore, a predominantly IT consulting and network technology company, the staff are a happy-go-lucky, jovial lot who are not afraid to poke fun at each other all in the name of learning. So shows the good camaraderie and bonding amongst them.


Perhaps one of the most light-hearted moments must be the instant I touched on food debris stuck between the teeth which is a turn-off and most stopped eating…until I had to reassure them it was alright as long as they checked their own appearance after meals. Perhaps rinse, gargle or brush their teeth? Not only is this good oral hygiene, it also makes our smile more endearing.
Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Knowledge is meant to be shared and the more people I share with, the more happiness this brings about.