Corporate Grooming Talk And Telephone Etiquette Skills Training For Drew And Napier

Corporate Grooming Talk And Telephone Etiquette Skills Training For Drew And Napier

I’m visiting a prominent law firm today but before you start to ponder, don’t get me wrong. There’s no lawsuit against anybody. I’m here for all the right reasons.

Yes, I’m at Drew & Napier LLC today for a corporate grooming talk. According to the HR manager, the response for the talk was very good, drawing 53 sign-ups. Considering that it would start at 1730hrs and stretch past the official knock-off time; and the fact that the law firm was in the midst of a big shift to its new office, it was definitely an encouraging sign. Besides the seats filling up fast, the high pool table chairs on the other side of the room facing the window plane were also utilized.

Originally targeting only the secretaries and clerical assistants, it came as a pleasant surprise to learn the some lawyers too had signed up and attended the talk today. Well, I guess in this age and time, everybody wants to learn how to create a lasting first impression.

Held in the small but cozy pool room, it was evident that the staff shared a good camaraderie among themselves as they easily joined in the discussions with the person next to them regardless of whether they knew each other or not.


Today’s corporate grooming talk was not just all on the visual aspects of grooming. It also included some very useful and practical tips on telephone etiquette skills training. There’s no denial that face to face is just one of the modes of communication in which we converse with our clients. But then, there’s no forgetting the all important telephone calls. When the phone rings, you cannot rely on the visual. You can only rely on the auditory.

How should you sound? What should you say? What image of yourself and your organisation do you want to project to the caller? All these are important considerations one needs to bear in mind when we discuss telephone etiquette. If you are slouching in your chair and speaking on the phone, your voice quality automatically betrays you too!

Very often, knowing how to formulate our response is dependent on 80% listening and only 20% speaking. The more we listen, the more we understand our clients and their needs. Thus, the more equipped we are to handle the situation and address the concern. When we treat our clients with care, concern and render them excellent service and support, the currency of service goes around. When our clients are happy, not only do they share their appreciation with friends, family and associates, but we also feel good inside as we have made someone else’s day.

And leaving a positive first impression would not be complete without discussing the kinesthetic. This I turned to NLP and although some may have heard of it, very few know how to integrate it into our daily lives and activities. As I shared today, we can use the NLP techniques to build almost instant rapport with¬† colleagues, clients and even strangers! It’s just a matter of how to activate the code.