Communication Training Workshop For MINDEF

Communication Training Workshop For MINDEF
The importance of communication cannot be overemphasized. Without communication, human life would be practically non-existent. How do you think we would be able to convey our message, thoughts and emotions across on a personal level to others? If communication did not exist, we would all be living in our own little secluded world.
Communication forms the bedrock of all our daily activities, starting from the every moment we wake up each morning to the time we retire to get our rest each night. 
Most importantly, I am of the view that effective communication skills is the key to a effective relationship. If you communicate well with people in your lives (eg. family, friends, colleagues, bosses etc), you are in a better position to understand what people expect of you and in return, what you can expect of them.
What goes around comes around. Good communication minimizes misunderstandings as it removes all the guess work from the equation. 
Returning on a triumphant note after last month’s run is today’s encore version of ‘Communicating With Impact’ for the non-uniformed officers from Ministry of Defence (MINDEF). It took a mere three weeks to put together today’s run and for this alone, I am grateful for the support and love past participants have shown in sharing positive feedback from what they have learnt. 
Did I mention positive feedback is also a form of communication? Yes, it is a form of verbal communication. As human beings, our word of mouth advertising is much more powerful than a paid advertisement. Just think about it – if a restaurant sells awful food, would you recommend it? No! Because if you did, someone would throw you rotten tomatoes for a lousy recommendation. Conversely, if the food was finger-licking good, you would not hesitate for a moment to recommend it to your family, friends and colleagues. That’s why I was more than happy to see some familiar faces in the room today as the ladies had attended my past life profiling workshop. How we communicate and the message we attempt to send across are the dual keys to communicate with impact.

In this age and time, we want to make ourselves and our messages heard. Good communication skills are valued not only in the workplace, but also in our daily lives. And it transcends gender, interest and all other social boundaries 🙂

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