Communication Skills – Training for MINDEF

Communication Skills – Training for MINDEF

As human beings living in an increasingly interconnected world, the importance of good communication cannot be over-emphasised. Misunderstandings often occur because we misinterpret each other either in terms of nuance. We may have had the best intentions but because we failed to put across our message in the simplest and most effective form, the consequences turned out otherwise.

It is interesting to note that effective communication comprises two components – verbal and non-verbal. Consciously uncouple one of these components and you will be sure you will have failed in your communication mission.

Communication skills training is very often a fun workshop to attend because of the various self-discovery exercises. Just like those a-ha moments we have had in our lives, we walk away feeling more confident and self-assured.

Today, I welcomed a new batch of participants from MINDEF. Made up of both army regulars and NSFs (national service full-time men), everyone was eager-eyed and all prepped up to learn how to communicate better. It could be communication between supervisor and staff, between colleagues or simply communication across genders. Gathered here in the airy chalets of Changi Beach, the relaxed environment was the perfect setting for learning to take place.

Personally, one of the biggest giveaways is the ability to distinguish between the different style of communication. As the saying goes, ‘different strokes for different folks’. When we attempt to speak in the same communication patterns, we immediately create a shared reality and real bonding takes place. People like people to be like them. Just like birds of a feather flock together, people who speak in the same lingo and more importantly mode, feel at ease with each other. Just remember to keep the language simple.

Go with the flow and start building better relationships today!