Communication Skills Training For MINDEF

Communication Skills Training For MINDEF
Every often, misunderstandings occur because of a miscommunication or too little communication between people. Good communication is important as it is the key to helping others understand what we want to say and the nuance behind the message.

Welcome to today’s communication skills training at the Merchant Court Hotel for the non-uniformed officers of MINDEF.


Drawing from the fields of communication, psychology, language and life coaching; the participants were in for a treat as the full day training gave them a better understanding of themselves, their colleagues and opened up their world view.
In life, it’s not what we say but how we say it that creates an impression in others. I like to call this perception. Just like how we see, hear, touch, smell and taste the outside world; so too can we recreate these senses in our inner world. So perception comprises both internal (from our own viewpoint) and external (from the viewpoint of others).

Less you think it is very difficult to start a conversation, fret not. Communication is all about building rapport. Once you know what makes the other person tick, you will be for a roll.



Communication is important and can be positive if handled well. It can also be hurtful, depending on how it is done and the words that are used. Through the different games and exercises I devised for the participants today, communication can only be complete if it successfully embodies both the verbal and non-verbal elements. Remove any one element and watch misunderstandings (and sometimes hilarious situations) occur.

Life is never a bed of roses. But if we take some time to understand the people around us – be they our family, friends, colleagues, clients or strangers; we can communicate effortlessly to them…just in the same vein like the great orators of all times.

Let the conversation begin!