Combating The 3 Common Symptoms Of Jetlag

I just got back to town yesterday after a short getaway. But trust me, one of the worst feelings is not the post-holiday blues. Rather, it is jetlag.

Jetlag is a physiological condition that stems from sudden alterations to the body’s circadian rhythms resulting from rapid long-distance travel on an aeroplane.

Very often or not, jetlag is described by most people as having to adjust then and now re-adjust back to a particular time zone. For some, the recovery period may be one day. For others, it could stretch up to one week. All you want to do is to head to bed. Day becomes night and night becomes day.

Thankfully, I didn’t suffer from any of the commonly noted symptoms of jetlag. Let me share three of the most common symptoms of jetlag and how you can combat them.

The first symptom is sleep disturbance. Many people have their regular sleep patterns distorted and need some time to recover. They could experience insomnia, daytime drowsiness or waking up too early.

The best way to combat sleep disturbance is to catch as much sleep as possible, even on board. You may not be able to sleep. But even if you close your eyes and take a short nap at regular intervals, it is still good enough.

The second symptom is dehydration. Flying results in dehydration in all travelers. When you breathe in the oxygen in the plane, your body gets drained. Plus, we all know the food on board airlines is high in sodium and saturated fat.

Stock up on dried unsalted nuts and water. Drinking sips of water at regular intervals will help prevent dehydration. There are toilets on board so do not worry at all. If you want to go a step further, have your moisturizers and lipbalm with you when you check in. You will thank me as they are exceptional useful. Apply generously on your face, arms and lips. Skin, devoid of moisture, resembles a shriveled orange. You certainly do not want that.

The third symptom is aches and pains. Sitting in what is perhaps not the best ergonomical seat for a prolonged period of time is bound to cause your body discomfort. Add that to the cramped space should you take a budget airline to a far away destination. If left unchecked, you may develop neck soreness, back pain and the likes.

What they share in the pre-flight video is 100% true. You can do some simple and light exercises on board too. Wriggle your toes, do some calf raises on the floor, shoulder rotations and stretch. Better still, once the seatbelt sign goes off on board, walk around and explore the aeroplane. Do you still remember how to self-massage like what I demonstrated in my health and wellness talks? If yes, you can do those too! They are really helpful.

If ill-managed, jetlag will turn you from a docile character into an irritable one. But if you manage it well, there’s nothing to worry about! I’m looking forward to my next destination…How about you?