Colour Analysis Workshops – The School of Makeup

Colour Analysis Workshops – The School of Makeup

I’m back as a guest trainer for two runs of my colour analysis workshops at The School of Makeup today. It always excites me to see new faces as I firmly believe colour analysis is truly beneficial to everybody. Why wear clothes which make you look much older than your actual age? Or why apply the wrong colour of makeup only to look dull and insipid?

Welcome to the beautiful world of colours. Just like how we add colours to a plain piece of white canvas, so too do we apply colours onto ourselves in our dressing and appearance to up our image quotient. And what better way than to look harmonious from top to toe?

Looking harmonious is of special importance to these two groups of ladies as they are all training to be makeup artists. Be it a day look, bridal or night makeup, choosing the right colours is the decisive factor that makes or breaks a model.

When the ladies were told prior to the workshop to turn up in their bedroom face, most were horrified. But they soon came to realise that a bedroom face offers them the best analysis of their own colours.



At first glance, it may be difficult to discern with the naked eye which colour is more suitable. But coupled with more practice, the going gets easier and naturally more fun too!

If you are keen to find out your best colours too like what these ladies discovered for themselves, contact me now. Colour analysis can be taught separately or be incorporated as part of my one-day grooming workshop.

Draping her in a warm colour like gold…

Draping her in a cool colour like black…

Does she look glowing or dull in true green?

Is lilac one of her best colours?

With the ladies in the night class
With the ladies in the day class