Colour Analysis Workshops for The School of Makeup

Colour Analysis Workshops for The School of Makeup

If you enjoyed painting with watercolours or doddling with crayons on an empty sheet of paper back in school, you will love colour analysis. Through colour analysis, we are able to find our best colours that blend harmoniously with our skintone, hair and eye colour.

Profound as it sounds and challenging as it is initially, once one grasps the concepts, it is as easy as ABC. Just ask the students at The School of Makeup who are training to be makeup artists. I just completed two colour analysis workshops for them as a guest trainer yesterday and today. This will be the start of a long collaboration with the school as I come in to share my expertise in colour analysis and other grooming topics with the different cohorts.

Sharing with the class

Wearing the right colours will brighten up her face and make her look younger

I’ll choose this piece!

As I believe in making things simple for everyone, there’s really no need to memorise chunks of theory. After all, life is pretty complicated in itself so there’s no need to complicate matters further. So it’s just the basic concepts and then we go straight into hands-on. Hands-on is always fun as it allows one to see the visual effects once I drape the model. Seeing is believing.

Choosing silver or gold makes a huge difference…

As aspiring makeup artists, it is of great importance to all the students to be especially attuned to the concept of colour and its various attributes. Just imagine choosing the wrong eyeshadow colour for the client and the end result will be complete disaster.

Colour draping myself

She looks sullen and dull when drapped with brown

Remember, colour analysis is not rocket science. It is the very essence of wearing our best colours to look our best. This is especially important when you are going for an interview or need to impress during that important first date.

Have fun ladies!

Does this pastel blue look good on her? 

When you see all smiles, you know this colour suits her!

With the first batch of students

With the second batch of students