Colour Analysis Workshop For East Spring Secondary School

Colour Analysis Workshop For East Spring Secondary School

We live in a world filled with colours – beautiful colours of different hues and shades. Yet do you know not all colours are suitable for us? In other words, only some colours truly belong to us and us alone. Wearing them make us younger, lively, energetic and noticeable. The reverse is true. Wear the wrong colours and we come across as tired, insipid, dull and sickly.

Welcome to colour analysis – one of my favourite components in grooming, image and style. Colour analysis is the start of an exciting journey for everyone to discover their best colours (and in the process unveil their worst colours too!). And this was what I sought to share with the students of East Spring Secondary School on Day 2 of their five-day grooming workshop.

To the untrained eye, it is difficult to fully grasp this concept because we all have our own likes and dislikes which have been ingrained in us over the years. When we look at a colour, we either like it or dislike it based on our association of it with past experience. Most of us love the colour black because it makes us look slimmer. But lo and behold, not everyone can take black. Wearing black for some of us make us look devoid of life and almost dead. Yet when others wear it, they look radiant and stunning.

Yet when one truly understands the value of colour analysis and the many benefits it brings, one will appreciate the seemingly endless trying and trying of the various colour drapes. It’s like playing magician and working magic except your props are colour drapes!

In my lessons, I like to demonstrate how it is done as seeing is believing. But of course, my opinion alone cannot be the sole deciding factor whether to accept or reject that particular colour drape for the model. That’s when my lovely assistants come in handy. See how hardworking they are – one scrutinises the model’s face closely while the other is busy jotting down the details.


My task for the students was a relatively simple one – to discover one’s three best colours and three worst colours. When you know your best and worst colours, you buy your best ones and ditch your worst ones. It cannot get any simpler than this. This was in preparation for the students’ mock job interview on Friday, the last day of their grooming workshop.

Happy colour analysing! If you would like to have a colour analysis session for your school, corporation or client, please give me a call!