Celebrating 60 Organisations Trained And Counting

Celebrating 60 Organisations Trained And Counting


Today marks a very important milestone in my life. There is every reason to feel happy and delighted. It’s not an easy achievement but I’ve done it. And for that, I’m giving myself a pat on my shoulders 🙂

What started off as a bold ambition way back on 09 Apr 2009 when I first launched my website has now turned out to be a fulfilling journey. And it looks set to be even better in the months and years ahead!

With the completion of today’s grooming workshop, I officially celebrate having touched the lives of staff/students in 60 organisations/schools & counting…

60 is no mean feat considering that many labelled me as crazy while others proclaimed me courageous when I chose to leave the comforts of a salaried job to pursue what I enjoy my twin loves – namely grooming and health fitness. Fast forward to 26 Apr 2011 and I know every step I took, every breathe I inhaled, every sweat I toiled has been more than worth the effort. I’m truly grateful to the corporations, organisations and educational institutions for believing in me and my programmes. Special mention must go to SIM which engaged me for a dinner talk. For those of you who have been following my blog and witnessed my growth, SIM was the first organisation to extend me the invitation to speak professionally as a speaker.

I enjoy what I do & the next number I’m looking to clock is the magical 100…With everyone’s continued love and support, I know I can achieve that too!