Being A Man: Unleash The Real Man Within

Being A Man: Unleash The Real Man Within

It’s the beginning of a brand new year and what are you waiting for? If you are single, there’s no better time to start dating now!

But wait, have you ever wondered why even after putting a lot of time and energy into learning what it takes to attract and meet women from dating books, you are still luckless in this area?

Well, let me tell you why. That’s because women aren’t attracted to boys. They’re attracted to men. It cannot get any simpler than that!

I remember when I first landed my big project back in my corporate days, my ex-colleagues immediately teased me by declaring “you’re the man!”

At that time, I certainly didn’t know the responsibilities that came along. After all, I was still a fresh newbie barely out of varsity. Call me inexperienced, call me greenhorn, call me a novice. Whatever label it is, I certainly have grown up a lot over the years from that very first project. Yes, I’m now a man in my very own rights!

Just think about it – which woman in the right frame of mind would like to date a boy? No lady would because dating a boy would mean having to mother him for the rest of her life…Heaven forbid! So if you’re still wondering why you’re single and unattached, it’s probably, almost certainly due to the fact that you’re still a boy and not a man!

Certain significant major incidents in life such as the death of a parent, imminent job promotion to management level or something along these lines have the capacity to propel a boy into instant manhood. But for the rest of you still grappling out there, fret not!

Count yourself lucky you’re bent on the full transformation from boy to man. And I congratulate you as it is not impossible. Well, taking a leaf from the Adidas motto, “impossible is nothing”!

The single best thing you can do for yourself in 2011 is to increase your hit success rate with women is to learn how to mature into a man. And this is exactly what I hope to teach you in one of newest 1 day programmes aptly titled “Being A Man”.


There’s so much to celebrate about being a man. If you remember how man progressed from the ape days to the erect modern creature that he is now, it’s all about strength and vitality. Did your Dad not teach you to shed blood but not tears? Did society not expect the man to protect his woman and family?

During this 1 day training, rediscover what it takes to be a real man. By “real”, I mean healthy, charming and in-demand. No more talk about expiry dates, low market value and all the negative self-talk.

Here’s a sneak preview of what you will be learning 🙂

– Male Versus Boy Psychology

– Qualities of The New Age Man
– Interacting with Others
– Of Fathers and Sons
– Learning To Let Go

– On The Hero’s Journey
– Exuding Sexual Confidence

Many a times, men do have many issues that they grapple with but do not know how to solve. There’s no suitable avenue for them to get the answers they want. Call it men’s pride, call it men’s face issue. But there’s nothing more true than this.

Like all my other programmes and workshops, I guarantee that this newest programme will create a change in you that other people will notice… no questions asked.

Write me here to register if being a man is something you’ve always hoped to be 🙂