BBC World TV News: Health Fitness Interview Shoot

BBC World TV News: Health Fitness Interview Shoot
Who says Christmas does not come early? It can and it does.
Just a few days back, I received an email. They found me. They loved what they saw. So they invited me.
And here I am this morning, at East Coast Park filming for BBC World TV News. The episode on health and fitness will air in early January 2015 to a global TV audience.
Focused primarily on the rapid rise of the fitness industry in Asia, I was asked to share about how I turned my life around from being a skinny geek in the past to who I am today. And from there, how I went on from being one-person fitness enthusiast to building one of Singapore’s top fitness team. 
Life is full of transformations that deserve encouragement. Whether you are looking to build muscles or lose weight, we are happy to help you on your fitness journey.
Of course it wasn’t all talk as talk is cheap. So you can watch us (yes both my client and I) sweat it out with my planned circuit exercises…As the camera rolled and panned, we gave us best and attracted a small audience by the side who gathered to watch. 
If you ask me, fitness is a journey and never a destination. Having come so far, there is still so much more for me to achieve. Being able to share my ideals and learnings over the years with the TV audience will be a good platform to start. I am so looking forward to seeing the actual episode air next month!
Life is indeed full of lovely moments. And Christmas did come early 🙂