Ayu Herba Integrated Wellness Fair 2012

Ayu Herba Integrated Wellness Fair 2012
‘Wellness’ is fast becoming a popular catchphrase nowadays. Everywhere we turn, there is a centre advocating wellness or some product that promises to do wonders for our bodies. But what exactly is wellness?
To answer this question, search no further than the Ayu Herba Integrated Wellness Fair 2012. Held at the Singapore Indian Association on 2 Dec 12, it was a celebration of all things wellness and more.

There were stalls set up promoting various forms of wellness – from infrared thermal pillows to organic body scrubs to Indian herbs, aromatherapy and massage.

Besides exciting both the various senses with the sights, sounds and smells as both wellness practitioners and members of public mingled; the highlight of the whole day event must have been the sharing sessions by invited guest speakers.

Speaking on a wide array of topics such as stress management, pain management and detoxification, it was pure bliss just to be there to learn from others. As I was also one of the invited speakers, I wanted to share something different and of greater value to the audience.
And I’m glad I did. And the audience loved it.
One of the most commonly accepted definitions of wellness is ‘the state or condition of being in good health.’ This may still be rather vague as wellness covers a huge spectrum – running the gamut of physical, mental, emotional to sexual etc.

I chose to speak on wellness mastery. Well, you may look good externally (that is if you exercise regularly) and you may feel great internally (that is if your organs are functioning well). But is that all to wellness? Nope.

If we were to talk about integrated wellness (which is coincidentally the theme of the today’s fair), then some justice must be served by us to treat ourselves holistically. It’s not just treating our bodies well. It’s more than that. It’s about knowing what makes us tick in life – our personality, character, strengths, weaknesses, potential health problems etc.

When I asked for volunteers to demonstrate my sharings, people in the audience were more than happy to oblige. One lady even jumped onto the stage just to be the first one.

To prove how powerful my soon-to-be revealed wellness mastery worked, I simply asked her for some personal information. And from then on, I told her three facts about herself.

As I have never met her before, I used the information she fed me to come up with my three facts. She was shocked. More shocked was the audience. In less than 5 minutes, I had captured the attention of the entire hall. People were intrigued and wanted to learn more.

Combining the best of both West and East teachings, my wellness mastery is the latest edition to my repertoire of workshops and programmes.

In a world where duplication is common and offerings similar, I have chosen again to buck the trend. If I can give you the key to unlock the real truths about integrated wellness about yourself and others, would anyone not want it? If you know the real truths, you will be more prepared to face this world. And in the same vein, you can use this same knowledge to help others overcome their challenges.
In recognition of my contribution to the wellness industry over the years, I was also honoured with a Wellness Ambassador award, together with the other honorees.
Wellness is a gift I have been bestowed with by the Universe. Wellness is a gift I share with my clients, participants and you, my readers.

It is never too late to embark on this holistic journey as you never know what wonderful insights you will get simply by taking that first step 🙂