Attending The Body Balance Class

A friend asked if I could accompany her to the Body Balance class at the gym. As I happened to be free this afternoon as a client cancelled the session, I was up for the challenge. I use the word ‘challenge’ here as it must be at least 3 months since I last attended any class – be it body balance, steps, yoga or pilates. 

But the good news is that we will all be setting off on the same pace as it’s the new release of the Body Balance series. So, no one is at any advantage or disadvantage. That should put the mind of my friend at ease. 

I like Body Balance as it is a combination of pilates, yoga and taichi. Instead of having to take each of these classes separately, now I can do a three-in-one in Body Balance. Besides adding variety, it also helps to make one supple. Now this is important as flexibility is one of the most important considerations in planning any exercise programme. That’s why I always emphasise the need to stretch and strengthen the core in my training programmes.

After starting off with the taichi warm-up, I began to get into the swing of things. Slowly but gradually, it was all coming back to me again. Remember the star pose? Downward dog? Stationery hold? Yes, I do!

I understand the new release is a slightly more taxing one, especially since it centered significantly more on the abs. But it was all for a good cause.

To me, Body Balance is all about finding the delicate equilibrium in your life. Just like how yin and yang coexist peacefully, so too must we balance both work and play. 

After the class, I felt really good! I’ll attend the class again next week if my schedule allows 🙂