Appearing In Cozycot Magazine

Appearing In Cozycot Magazine
As some wise man once said, good things never happen alone. They always come in pairs. So do not blink your eyes and do a double take. 

My eyes certainly didn’t as I saw a familiar face inside the inaugural issue of Cozycot’s hard copy magazine. Then I remembered it was a photoshoot picture which I did for them some months back and they asked me for some simple, but practical health and fitness tips.

Here’s what I shared: “Wake up 15 minutes earlier every day to exercise. You’ll banish body fat forever!”

Very true. Instead of thinking how we can become a slave to exercise by having to spend 30 minutes or more huffing and puffing away, why not invest just 15 minutes a day and do something you enjoy? Once you approach exercise from a fun angle, your perspective changes and it no longer becomes a chore.

Exercise comes in many forms. It doesn’t have to be running on the treadmill or using the elliptical machine. Any form of physical activity that gets you perspiring is considered ‘exercise’. So if you enjoy brisk walking, skipping, stair climbing or swimming, by all means go ahead!

Better still, if you can get your family or loved ones involved as well…

Cheers to good health, everybody 🙂