Amazing Lifestyles Pageant 2012 Finals: Moments Of Glory

Amazing Lifestyles Pageant 2012 Finals: Moments Of Glory

After the successful inaugural pageant in 2010, the second installment of the Amazing Pageant attracted more than 50 applications when it was first announced in July 2011. From the first cut of 24 contestants to the crowning of the Amazing Queen on this eventful day of 25 Feb 2012, it was a journey marked with many firsts for all the contestants.

From the onset, I as the events manager, conceptualised the pageant as a learning journey for the girls rather than another run-of-the-mill pageant for contestants.

In a world where the notion of ‘beauty’ is often associated with their slimmer counterpart sisters, these girls proved that size is never an issue with them. One can count on them for their big personality, open heart and graceful mannerisms.

The Amazing Pageant 2012 provides a unique platform for plus-sized ladies (weighing at least 80kg, regardless of age, race, religion or marital status) to boost their confidence, enhance their networking skills and in the process of it all, find their own voice in society.

Kicking off with a makeover for the 24 semi-finalists to the dual themes of the 1960s era and high fashion look, the girls were treated to an individual photoshoot. Thereafter, the girls selected two photos each to be used for publicity. First up was the Facebook Friendship Competition in which the top two girls who garnered the most number of likes on Facebook would emerge as the Facebook Friendship Princesses. This was followed by the publishing of their very own Amazing Calendar 2012 with each girl being the month’s model.

As is different with other pageants, each step the girls took was a gradual but reassuring one. Monthly workshops on topics such as grooming and poise, fitness, destress, skincare and haircare were also offered complimentary to the girls to help them up their image quotient.

Judged more on their inner qualities and how they performed throughout the seven month period, rather than based on good looks only, resonated with the girls as all earned points simply by turning up, being supportive and participating actively in the activities.

From shy individuals to confident ladies in their very own rights, the transformation was evident as the ten finalists took to the stage at Bukit Timah Plaza in a snazzy talent show in Jan 2012. Each had an option to present a five-minute item of their own choice.

Running up to the finals on 25 Feb 2012, the finalists were engaged in rehearsals and were in deep conversations with the hair and makeup sponsors to look their stunning best on coronation day.

Coronation Day was more than a celebration of success for the girls as the past winners from the inaugural 2010 pageant were also present to crown the new winners and offer their congratulations.

There were 6 titles to be given away – all of which were sponsored by This is the second time I’m sponsoring sashes (the first time being the NTU Hall 6 D&D Cum Pageant 2011).

Amazing Pageant 2012 witnessed a new queen in the form of Amazing Queen 2012, pre-school teacher Agnes Ng who impressed all with her gentle ways, graceful demeanor and winning stature. Next in line were Amazing Princess 2012 Yvonne Seah (executive) and Amazing Beauty 2012 Norin M Kasim (property business). Rounding up the remaining 3 top spots were Amazing Teen 2012 Kristy Lee (entrepreneur), Amazing Friendship 2012 Siti Mawarni Johari (healthcare industry), Amazing Community Ambassador 2012 Angeline Lee (housewife).

The pageant may have ended but for all the girls, the journey ahead will be a different one – bolstered with more amazing feats and moments of glory.