5 Tips to Being A Well-Dressed Guy

5 Tips to Being A Well-Dressed Guy
It’s an increasingly popular trend that I have observed in the recent years and it excites me. I say “bring it on and on and on.” What trend am I talking about?
Ask no further than the four gentlemen who are attending today’s men’s grooming workshop. Men are fast learning that it is of utmost important to upkeep their appearance. Very often, our appearance equates to our confidence levels.
So gentlemen, are you ready? Let me share 5 tips to being a well-dressed guy.
Tip 1: Choose the Right Colours
I cannot emphasise enough but knowing which colours look good on you, as opposed to picking colours based on trends or just trying to fit in, is the key to dressing success.
If you do not have a good colour sense, then please seek out a certified image consultant with good taste to help you out. Really.
Unfortunately many guys are not good at this. They just pick out a black suit, match a tie to the suit and they call it good, as opposed to picking colours based on what fits them first and foremost. Black – solemn or classic it may appear to be – is not suitable for everyone.


Tip 2: Pay Attention to The Accessories
Women have their branded handbags as their accessories. As men, what do we have? Fret not as we have plenty of accessories too! Pay attention to the details. This includes the quality of our ties, belts, shoes etc. For ties, not only does quality matters, so does the type of tie knot. For shoes – are you going for Oxford laced ups or loafers?
Accessories can make or break your outfit. And remember to take care of you accessories because your accessories will take care of you.
Tip 3: Take Note of The Fit
How your clothes fit does matter. Be mindful of certain areas for a good fit. In particular, the collar size on a dress shirt is critical. Avoid the oversized collar at all cost as it projects a sloppy appearance.
Also, other key areas I shared with the guys include the fit of the shoulders and the length of both shirt and jacket sleeves.
For dress pants, how high or low someone wears his pants makes a tremendous difference. Wear it too low and you look sloppy. Wear it too high and you look nerdy.


Tip 4: Be Comfortable
It’s important that you are comfortable being dressed up. This is easier said than done, of course. Similar to my last point, if you’re not comfortable with your clothes and who you are in such clothes, then even if you have the nicest dress clothes, a sense of “style” will be lacking.
The clothes may define your external persona. But what is more important is knowing how to channel the inner persona – the one that wears the clothes.
Personally, I love “dressing up”. Knowing how to mix and match your clothes to give a refreshing look each and every time is an invaluable skill to master.
Tip 5: Choose to Look Good
I cannot force you to want to look good. You have to choose to look good.
It’s sad but I notice many guys do not care about how they look. I half suspect they are just wearing clothes because they should. Because it is an offence to walk around naked. How else can you explain the phenomenon of crumpled shirts? Or faded or ill-fitting clothes that have long seen their expiry dates?
Truth is, if you don’t choose to look good…then the other points don’t make much difference. You owe it to yourself to look nice. Period.

Everything else will follow.