5 Rules of Dressing: Grooming Assembly Talk for Northland Secondary School

5 Rules of Dressing: Grooming Assembly Talk for Northland Secondary School
Word of mouth recommendation is one of the most powerful forms of free advertising. And I witnessed this again today. Today’s grooming assembly talk for Northland Secondary School was the result of a phone call from the teacher-in-charge a week ago.
It’s a challenge to condense days of training materials into a succinct one hour grooming talk for the graduating students. But it is a challenge worth rising up to.
I see my role today as a harbinger. Just like how witch hazels are the harbingers of spring, I am here to ignite the flames of grooming, etiquette and style to the students gathered here. I give them space to learn and grow; and opportunities to explore on their own after the assembly talk.
As time was of essence, I chose to focus on one topic and elaborate it further. That topic was dressing. Now, let me share my 5 rules on dressing. Practice them well and you will become a style master too!


Rule #1: Ensure Your Clothes Are Neat & Tidy
Who are you kidding if you think you can get away with wearing something soiled or dirty? The world is a cruel one, and everyone is evaluating you silently. You don’t have to go branded. Just wear something proper. For example, if you wear a business shirt, make sure you tuck it in as the hemline is too long to leave it dangling outside.


Rule #2: Your Clothes Must Not Smell
If your clothes smell, it speaks volumes of your personal hygiene. If I were the human resource director, I would immediately give you marching orders to exit. Smelly clothes are a no-no. And especially in Singapore’s humid climate, you need to change your clothes daily and put them into the laundry for a good wash.
Rule #3: Iron Your Clothes
A crumpled shirt or dress is a symbol of a lazy person. Hardworking people like us take pains to iron our clothes. No, we don’t starch our clothes to make them stand woody-like. Just run the iron over your dried clothes and impress from there.
Rule #4: Colour Coordinate Your Clothes
To most of us, the cardinal sin is to wear whatever we want. You can be forgiven if you are a celebrity or media artiste. However, as most of us are not, you certainly wouldn’t want to attract the wrong attention by wearing a myriad of colours on you. 
Dress sanely. While I would advise you to play with colours, do not overdo it. Too much of something is an overkill. Imagine orange pants and pink top? No thanks.
Rule #5: Dress Right For The Occasion
There is an acceptable dress code for every occasion. Just like how the school uniform helps students adhere to certain acceptable norms, so too does the dress code act as a guide when it comes to dressing right for a particular occasion. In particular, some students may want to seek gainful employment after their ‘O’ or ‘N’ Levels. And when they encounter the dreaded interview, it is imperative that they dress right. 
If in doubt, always check with an expert or simply drop me an email!
Nobody would ever have thought grooming assembly talks could be so engaging and fun. Well, if you find the right speaker, you can be rest assured! Click here if you would like to do a similar session for your school too. I’ll be delighted to =)