3 Tips To Bounce Back From A Retracted Job Offer

3 Tips To Bounce Back From A Retracted Job Offer

Congratulations on the job offer! I know it isn’t easy to ace the interview. But honestly, nothing is cast in stone unless you start work officially.

This is because companies can retract the job offers. After the emotional rollercoaster, learn how to bounce back and restart your job search.

1. Take time to deal with the shock

Receiving news of a job offer retraction might leave you feeling emotionally drained regardless of how prepared you were for it. Thus, giving yourself the time to calm down is crucial. You can grieve. You can cry. You can even bemoan. Give yourself full permission to do all these (and more if you wish to).

2. Understand why the company rescinded your offer

Understand that companies usually do not want to take back job offers once they have sent them out. But if they do, it will be one of these three common reasons below:

a) you failed the background checks (perhaps you lied about your credentials or experience…and this was found out. Remember, never lie or fabricate any information),
b) the references you provided tanked on you (they mentioned things that were not to your advantage – this is usually related to your character),
c) there are recent developments in the company – they could be cutting cost and changed their mind about hiring a new staff – and instead are merging certain roles together.

3. Jump back in and expand your search

As soon as you are emotionally ready, jump straight back into your job search. Once the company has rescinded the job offer, this also means you have no more obligations to wait anymore and are now free to apply for new positions.

Just like a relationship that went wrong, pick up the pieces and move on from there.

Consider casting a wider search net and look at employers who offer roles related to your course of study or experience but may not be in the industry of your choice. For example, your IT degree or experience is applicable in all industries, not only in the IT industry. After all, almost all companies need a highly skilled IT professional for cybersecurity, web development, technical support and computing networking.

Stay strong and all the best in your next job search! If you need professional advice, drop me an email here.