3 Tips To Boost Your Brand On Social Media

3 Tips To Boost Your Brand On Social Media

Love it or hate it, there’s no running away from social media. So the earlier we embrace it, the better it is.

Just think about it – if we are able to make social media work to our advantage, we would have successfully created a powerful online brand presence.

It’s all about growing personal networks, building relationships, driving sales and forming win-win partnerships for the long run. There is no short cut to success. But if you were to take the first foot out, slowly but surely, you too can scale great heights.

Here’s how I create my brand on social media. Hope it works for you too!

#Tip 1: Be Consistent

If you are here today and gone tomorrow, it’s hard to build trust. Trust needs to be earned and it takes time.

Therefore, being consistent is the definitely the way to boost your social media presence.

Do you know people like routine? Just think about it. Do you take the same route home or try out a different route each time? Do you always check your phone first thing in the morning when you wake and last thing you do before you sleep? Do you always scroll your feeds when you login to your social media accounts?

I bet you your answers will be a resounding yes!

Therefore, when you are consistent on social media, your followers will notice. And some may even be excited to see what you are going to share next.


#Tip 2: Be Relevant

There’s a lot of noise out there. The question you have to always ask yourself is this – are you being relevant to your audience? Being relevant is important because you are amplifying your voice to a specific audience and giving them what they want to hear. So if you post with no specific audience in mind, then chances are you will receive little or no feedback from others.

And that’s really not fun. Because if no one reads your stuff, likes, comments or shares it, then chances are you will feel demoralized and will give it up totally.

I always ask myself this before posting anything – will my followers find this post interesting? Will it add value to what they don’t already know?  

#Tip 3: Be Authentic

Put your face and name on your social media handlers. People want to interact with real, flesh-and-blood human beings. Not an avatar, meme or cartoon character.

Humans have individual personalities. And I’m sure you too like me, have one of your own.

Remember, it’s your voice that people want to hear. And putting a face behind that voice does work wonders.

I see my social media platforms as an extension of what I teach in my workshops. They are like bite-sized golden nuggets of information that are curated to bring you to the next level.

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