3 Tips To Achieve Your Goals

How quickly time flies…March is over…Which means one third of the year has gone by!

If you have set your SMART goals earlier, then here’s 3 additional tips to help you achieve your goals.

Tip #1: Implement Change Gradually

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Similarly, a key factor in implementing change is taking it slow but steady. There is a Chinese saying that goes “it takes three years to cultivate a good habit but only three days to learn a bad one.” Take heed that you are changing for the better so it does take time.

However, having said that, you should still reach for mini milestones. Mini milestones are like baby steps which you take. Remember when you were a kid and had to take your first step out? A little unsure, tumbling and falling perhaps, but you sure did take that first step out. And as they always say, the rest is history. 

I always believe in celebrating victories – regardless of them being big or small. You should too! Celebrating your successes along the way is a surefire way of keeping your spirits up and propelling you forward.

A gradual and consistent change in your lifestyle not only boosts your confidence, it also strengthens your will to succeed.

Tip #2: Be Kind To Yourself

Like it or not, we are all overachievers. Even if it’s not an inborn trait, it’s a trait we learnt from society. But do a quick reality check and you realise that not everyday is a perfect day. 

On some days, we wake up feeling like the luckiest person in the world. We wake up feeling like a million bucks. We feel like we are floating on seventh heaven. Yet on other days, we wake up feeling lousy. We have mood swings. We also have bad hair days.

This is life, my friends.

There are good days when your goals are achieved. There are also not so ideal days when your goals are underachieved. Note I didn’t use the word “not achieved”. The difference is just you are a little off tangent.

If some days go by with little or no progress, there’s no need to start kicking yourself in the butt. Do not get discouraged and do not stop moving.

Just treat it like a break. And guess what? After the break, you will be back to top form again. Top class athletes too need breaks in between their breaks. So do our trains.

If today is your not so ideal day, seek support from your friends to kickstart your spirits again. Or if you want to seek professional advice, then drop me an email.

Tip #3: Choose Your Words Carefully

It’s interesting to read about how kids grow up differently because of the varying parenting methods their parents use. If a parent keeps labeling a child stupid, chances of the kid growing up feeling useless, rebellious and angry are multiplied many times. 

If we are subjected to external stimulus like parenting methods, think what more “damage” we can do to ourselves should we choose to negate and devalue ourselves internally.

It is tempting to always find excuses or lay blame to escape from harsh reality. 

“I’m not good enough.” 

“I am resigned to the fact that…”

“I’m hopeless at this.”

I’m sure you have heard of these expressions and perhaps more.

Stop it!

Simply by changing the way you think and feel about yourself, you will already be on the path to success.

Our thoughts give rise to our feelings. Our feelings influence our actions. And our actions determine our results.

Here’s to your success in life!