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Meet Our Personal Trainers Singapore Team

We are Singapore's preferred personal trainers featuring a team of experienced personal fitness trainers. With proven results, we help you lose weight, build muscle and IPPT training with a customised programme. Your quest to kickstart your fitness journey starts here.


Commonly referred to as “Magic Mike” by his clients, Mike lives and breathes fitness. An avid believer in the efficacy of functional fitness training, Mike’s training focus is on resistance training, core work and metabolic conditioning, thus ensuring that his clients not only achieve their fitness goals but are also imbued with the mindset that “fitness is a continuous life journey.”

Mike’s maturity, affable personality and cosmopolitan background make him popular with expatriates who form a large part of his clientele. His vast experience as a fitness practitioner makes him an excellent choice for clients who want to improve their fitness levels but are inexperienced and unsure of what to do.

Always striving to improve his professional knowledge and skills so as to give the best service to his clients, Mike keeps current with the latest fitness developments and has recently added TRX training and bootcamps to his fitness offerings.

Trainer certifications: American Council of Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer, American Muscle & Fitness Institute (AMFPT) Certified Personal Trainer, TRX Suspension Course Trainer, First Aid trainer


A skinny yet active kid since young, Bryan was always enthusiastic about sports. However he would often get injured because of he didn’t know how to play or exercise properly.

While doing his research on fitness, Bryan realized that strength, endurance, power, flexibility were all key factors in his attempt to becoming a well-rounded sportsman. More importantly, building up his muscles could actually protect his joints and reduce his injuries.

This triggered his interest to start working out regularly and it has now become part of his lifestyle. From skinny boy, he packed on the muscles he always dreamed of.

A certified personal trainer, Bryan brings with him a wealth of experience helping clients achieve their fitness goals as he used to be a trainer with Fitness First. Besides training clients, he also loves outdoor adventure sports and practices Muay Thai.

Trainer certifications : American Muscle & Fitness Institute (AMFPT) Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness First In-House Personal Trainer Certification, Fitness First In-House Muay Thai Training Course


Vik’s passion for fitness was ignited by chance. Posted to the Army Fitness Centre during his army days, he had to lead by example. As a fitness specialist, he was responsible to train NSMen and come up with effective training programmes so as to help them pass their Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT).

Fast forward to today and Vik is now a certified personal trainer. He firmly believes that being fit is a lifestyle choice and training smart is the key to fitness success. Clients who have trained under him have achieved great results in a short period of time because Vik is able to use the right training methodology to get them back into shape and looking good.

Trainer certifications : Fitness Instructor Certification Course (Singapore Sports Council), National Coaching Accredited Programme (NCAP) Graduate


Once a skinny boy and nicknamed “bamboo” during his school days, Kian just could not pack on the muscles despite what he ate.

Inspired by the better physiques of his friends and wanting to do something for himself, Kian decided to start a fitness routine in his second year of polytechnic. From observing how others train and developing his own methodology thereafter, his muscle building story proved a success when he finally weighed in at 78kg in less than one year. His amazing transformation has led to his peers being in awe of the results he has achieved.

Kian’s own fitness journey from skinny to fit is one that resounds with his clients as he has shown first-hand that patience is the key to success. He believes that any client who gets to be trained by him will see a similar transformation with the proper techniques and dedicated meal plans.

Trainer certification: American Muscle & Fitness Institute (AMFPT) Certified Personal Trainer


After failing his first Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT), Desmond decided it was time to make a change. He took up running, swimming and even started going to the gym. It was a different lifestyle which he embraced. Although the going was tough initially, he never gave up.

Seeing results, he was inspired to learn more about fitness. This led him to pursue a Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science.

Desmond now trains clients regularly and strongly believes that everyone is able to achieve their goal, as long as they train with the right mindset and under the right guidance.

As a trainer, Desmond motivates his clients and imparts his knowledge to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Trainer certification: Diploma in Sport & Exercise Sciences (awarded by PSB Academy & International Sports Professionals Association)


As a fat kid himself back in his school days, Kai was always the first to be bullied and made fun of. Tired of all the teasing over the years, he decided to undergo the transformation of his life by making that one most important decision to exercise in 2013. And he has never looked back since.

A casual trip to the gym to check things out soon morphed into a routine and he started losing the kilos successfully. Fast forward to today and the new Kai is one who leads a healthy lifestyle by eating well and exercising regularly.

With this new positive experience, he helps his clients with their weight loss challenges as he has been through it himself. He believes everyone has the potential to achieve that dream body and fitness is that vital key. He also enjoys basketball and brisk walking.

Trainer certification: American Muscle & Fitness Institute (AMFPT) Certified Personal Trainer


An introvert who avoided exercise in his school days, Kyle was the butt of all jokes as he was stick-thin back then. Yet he had lots of skinny fats around his tummy.

Like many who went through the trial and error phase, he tried many different approaches to gym training but was not successful. He was very upset and blamed his genetics for being a skinny hardgainer.

Wanting to make a change in his life, he decided to give it one last chance. By working doubly hard – lifting and eating correctly, he made huge progress during his army days – going from bronze to gold for his IPPT…and to top his entire batch.

Inspired, he went on to attain his ACE personal trainer certification and now helps his clients with structured training programmes and nutritional advice, helping them achieve their fitness goals with the same laser tight focus. He was previously a fitness trainer with Rizap, the largest chain of personal training gyms in Japan.

Trainer certification: American Council of Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer


An active sports enthusiast since young, David was forced to give it all up because of the demands of his studies, homework and tuition. He simply could not cope.

As a result, although he did well in school, his weight ballooned and very soon he was overweight. Wanting to get his image back, he decided to focus on his physical development.

The David today has not only got his slim waist back, but more importantly, his own weight loss journey has ignited him with the passion for fitness and sports performance.

David now feels the calling to share his passion to make his clients more motivated, enjoy working out and see their body more positively through results-based fitness training and healthy nutrition. In his free time, David still keeps up playing tennis and beach volleyball.

Trainer certification: American Muscle & Fitness Institute (AMFPT) Certified Personal Trainer

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