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Enhance Personal Branding, Improve Image Confidence & Achieve Career Success with Lionel Lim

With over 10 years of experience speaking on different platforms, Lionel Lim is the trusted authority to empower you to package, promote and present your brand professionally.
He has often been lauded as having the twin abilities to connect with people from different cultures and simplify difficults concepts for his audience to internalise them quickly as they are all technique driven and do not require talent.

Through his signature programmes on branding, personal grooming and interview skills, he has impacted graduating students, executives, managers and entrepreneurs to work on their brand persona by giving them the tools, strategies and techniques needed to achieve their breakthroughs.
Lionel looks forward to sharing his life’s work with you – a life’s work that is transferrable, a life’s work that is duplicatable, a life’s work that will empower you to better yourself personally (as you build better relationships with the people in your lives) and professionally (as you strive for corporate success). This is my way of passing it forward and for you to be future ready.
There has never been a better time to be successful in today’s competitive markets than NOW.




People are visual creatures and they tend to judge others based on the first look. So if you don’t impress at first sight, you will never get another chance to do so. Grooming and etiquette are fast becoming essential skills to master today as they can help make a significant impact on both your personal and professional life.

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When you build your personal brand, it not opens doors and presents opportunities you can never even dream about. More importantly, it also allows you to dominate the industry and become the go-to expert in that niche. Once your branding is done correctly and effectively, the ascent to the top is only a matter of time.

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Imagine living a life that offers you the perfect balance between work and play. This is no longer a dream but a proven reality. Join the thousands of participants who have learnt the EMT formula – the secrets to healthy eating, constant moving (i.e. through exercise) and positive thinking.

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Discover how you can be one step closer to your dream job if you are able to create an impressive resume that differentiates you from the rest. Then go on to dazzle at the interview when you are able to present yourself confidently using both verbal and non-verbal communication. Never jeopardize your chances just because you are ill-prepared.

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